Road Safety

Road Safety


Singapore Road Accident Statistics 2020

85 People Killed
85 People Killed
seriously injured
6669 seriously injured
Traffic incidence
Traffic incidence one of the biggest

Every year, around 100 over people are killed and almost 10000 * are seriously injured on Singapore Roads. Road incidence is found to be one of the most serious problems globally.

In 2020, Singapore road traffic situation improved as compared to 2019. The improvements may be attributed to lesser traffic on the roads during the Circuit Breaker period. In 2020, there were a total of 85 deaths and 6669 injury cases reported.

Globally 1.2 million are killed and 50 million people are injured due to road accidents.

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Growing Concern:

Elderly pedestrians jaywalking incidence and Motorcyclists accidents are the growing concern in Singapore